Make your mark - every day

We don’t employ the best talent so we can tell you what to do. That doesn’t make sense.
At Hero, you have the opportunity to make your mark and contribute to something bigger. If you are ready for the challenge, we are prepared to give you a change.

Work with purpose

We are on a mission to conserve the goodness of nature. To do so, we strive to conduct our business sustainably and see to do the right thing. Always.

Work that has impact

We value good ideas - that’s why we want the best talent. You can make a difference as we give you the freedom to act, to be entrepreneurial, to make a difference. This is reflected in your responsibilities. Be yourself, be impactful.

Personal growth

We all win if we grow together. It’s all about professional and personal growth. The best way we can grow as a company is if we help you grow as a person, hence the availability of learning and development opportunities. You can design your own development.